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Strength Training

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At The Ryan Ferns Healthplex, strength and weight training can help you lose weight, increase your lean muscle mass and enhance your quality of life all while increasing your overall strength.


To Bulk Up or Not To Bulk Up

The misconception is that the result of strength training is big bulky muscles.  Building muscle does not mean you have to bulk up. If you don’t want big muscles from weight and strength training, then you don’t have to have them. Strength and weight training can give you, quite simply…more strength…and more defined muscles, but if you want to increase muscle mass, then go for it. You will need to stay committed and follow a specialized and intense routine workout and special diet…sound intimidating…let us help you.



  • Complete Cybex Variable Resistance Machines
  • Free Motion Dual Cable Cross
  • Extensive Full Sets of Olympic Weights
  • Three Full Sets of Rubberized Dumbbells
  • Jones Bodycraft 3D Press (no spotter needed)

New to Strength Training?

The idea of beginning a strength training routine with limited experience can be intimidating. The best way to make a smooth transition into your strength training program is to find a few basic exercises and plug them into your current gym routine. As you become more comfortable, take the time to learn a new exercise every week until you have a workload you are happy with.